Saturday, September 18, 2010

I am getting tired of finding screws in my tires

At some point last summer I pulled out a huge screw out of the right rear tire on my car. I debated a new tire but decided to patch it instead. I figured that since I don't drive at triple digit speeds, a patch will serve me fine. 

This afternoon I felt like going for a ride on my motorcycle. Since it has been cooler lately and I haven't checked my tire pressures in a few weeks, I decided to check and adjust as necessary. Strangely, the gauge showed 8.5 psi after two or three measurements on the back tire. Confused, I measured the front, thinking the gauge must be broken, because the tire looks inflated and in my mind there is no way it could be that low. The front showed 35 psi. I quickly located the culprit, a small screw between the tread blocks. 

A couple of thoughts. I am not thrilled about having to spend $150+ on a new tire, but no way I am riding on a patched one. I do need to figure out a way to get the bike to a shop. The tire was fine when I role last weekend, so I figure it took a while for the pressure to drop that low. Maybe the screw is in there tight enough that I can put in some air and limp to a shop. If not, I guess I will try some kind of patch kit. 

Also, it is a good thing I checked the pressure today. At first glance the tire looks fine, and I am sure I would not have noticed anything wrong until I got moving. I do need to be more diligent about doing a quick inspection before riding. I guess that is all.

I am not happy about not being able to ride this weekend and probably next weekend. Warm days are going to be hard to come by soon. Sigh.

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