Saturday, September 4, 2010


Ever since my LASIK, I have developed a strange obsession with sunglasses. Meaning, I keep buying new ones. Part of that is driven by the increased sensitivity to light that I am experiencing after the surgery. Since I now feel more comfortable with sunglasses than without them, I end up wearing a pair almost all of the time. And I can't seem to stand wearing the same pair all the time, so off I go. I am up to 5 pairs. Before my surgery in August, I had 2.


  1. I didn't know you had LASIK until coming across this blog. What was it like?

  2. Oh, well overall it was a good experience. The actual surgery is pretty quick, maybe 10-15 minutes. There are some uncomfortable points, like when they place a suction ring on the eye to hold it in place, and when the surgeon makes the flap and lifts it, at which point you are pretty much unable to see anything besides some blurry light. Then there is the smell when the laser is vaporizing corneal tissue. Kind of freaky.

    Other than that, for me the result was very good, and recovery was quick. There was a fair bit of eye dryness the first couple of weeks, but that has since subsided. Night vision is also iffy because I see some "glowing" around light sources, which is common. Bud during the day I see great, as good as I ever did with glasses, and much better than with contacts.